2020 Update: Top 10 List of Free Press Release Distribution Sites

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Free Press Release Distribution Roundup – 2020 Update

I get asked all the time if I can I provide a list of free press release submission companies. Despite being antithetical to my press release distribution[3] business, which relies on reaching media directly by email and dedicated newswire feeds to newsrooms nationwide, I thought it would be worth venturing into this murky world to give you a comprehensive list of free press release websites. I caution you to use at your own risk and to realize that a free press release is not a mechanism of public relations or PR, but an offshoot of search engine optimization (SEO) — with no proven track record of actually improving a website’s SEO.

Warning – Check out the following links regarding the pitfalls of free press release websites:

In fact, getting real earned media is the only way to get lasting SEO benefit from press releases, which you cannot do with free press release sites. Read our Case Studies here: https://www.ereleases.com/case-studies/[4] (including this press release that generated media pickup and links from more than 100 media outlets[5]). Just imagine what links from Wall Street Journal, CNN International, Bloomberg, Harvard Business Review, etc., could do for your business (and SEO).

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