4 Ways to Use a Press Release to Launch a New Service

Press releases can be used to achieve a number of goals. One of the most powerful ways to use them is to integrate them into your content marketing for a launch. Whether you’re launching an event, a campaign, or a product[1] or service, a press release can help you get the attention you want.

How Does the Service Solve a Problem?

You already know what problem your new service solves. You probably spent a long time researching and identifying your audience’s problems and crafting a solution. You can use your press release to communicate your solution to prospects and customers. It should be reflected in the headline and in the lede[2]. Pull readers into your release by letting them know that you have a solution to their problem.

Announce an Event

One way to launch a new service is to hold an event to help promote it. For example, if you’re launching a consulting service you might hold a free webinar to offer a few tips. Attendees may then take the next step and sign up for your service. You can use a press release to draw an audience for your event. The more people who sign up for the webinar, the more potential sales you’ll have when the service is released.

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