60 free press release sites tested – a detailed review

Some other notes to bear in mind:

  • Most releases seem to take a few days to go live on the sites, though sometimes a release would go live straight away – there seemed to be no discernible pattern to the timing
  • Some of the free services have (modestly priced) upgrades like giving you links or long term archiving of your releases
  • At least one of the sites caused our A/V software to raise a warning about possible malware
  • We used our first release as a test to get a feel for the sites, having formed an opinion (and to avoid wasting time on sites that didn’t meet our goasl), we carried out subsequent tests on the top twenty or so sites.
  • Please note that registering with free PR distribution sites will inevitably mean you start to receive SPAM emails so, to avoid this, we recommend setting up an alternative email address and using this to register with these sites

If there are sites you think we need to include in our review, please let us know using this form[2] we’ll try to include them in the next update. If you’ve anything to else to add, please let us know in the comments below.

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