Best Free & Affordable Press Release Distribution Services

For more information on sending a press release, read our ultimate guide on how to send a press release[19].

Pitching Journalists vs Using a Distribution Service

We recommend both pitching your release to journalists and distributing it via a paid distribution service for best business results. While pitching to individual journalists allows you to target and build relationships with key journalists via a personalized approach, a distribution service allows you to reach a mass audience and highly targeted outlets without spending a large amount of money pitching and targeting thousands of outlets in time for your story to be covered.

Pitch Directly to Journalists

Here are the pros of pitching your press release via email directly to individual journalists:

  • Build win-win relationships: When you reach out to journalists individually, you can demonstrate a deep knowledge of each journalist’s audience and the ability to meet their audience’s expectations and needs. In turn, you can slowly earn future coverage of stories as you continue to reach out as a valuable resource that journalists can use to bring value to their audiences, resulting in a win-win relationship.
  • Earn coverage in must-have publications: Mass distribution may guarantee a lot of coverage, but you can’t hand-pick who your story goes out to. In contrast, sending your press release directly to a handful of journalists in addition to using a distribution service allows you to boost the likelihood of getting coverage by the journalists you feel are most valuable in covering your story.

Distribute Using a Distribution Service

Here are the added benefits you can enjoy by also using a distribution service:

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