Best Free & Affordable Press Release Distribution Services

3. PRLog: Best for Free Press Room for Company Press Releases

PRLog logoPRLog logo
PRLog[4] offers free press release submission to search engines and RSS feeds. They also offer a free press room where you can host all of your company’s press releases. Journalists can follow you to receive your latest press releases. Free press release formats include written and video press releases. You can also include links within your press release.

4. Best for Distribution to Search Engines

1888PressRelease logo1888PressRelease logo
1888PressRelease[5] offers both a free plan and paid plans. The free plan offers the ability to distribute your press release to search engines, newswires, and websites for free. The main objective of this service is to give your news visibility in search engines. Their paid plans range from $15 to $249 per press release distribution. Paid plans offer added features like enhanced distribution for greater reach, a company profile page, premium partner distribution, free video creation, and the ability to add tags to your and keywords to your release URL.

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