Best Free & Affordable Press Release Distribution Services

First, you need to create a social media press release. For more information on what a social media press release entails, read our article on types of press releases[16]. To write a social media press release, adhere to the character limitations of the social media platform you wish to advertise your release. Write a couple of sentences telling your target audience why the story is valuable to them. Add a photo or video (for increased engagement) and a link to your full press release. Then, mark it as a press release with the hashtag #press release.

Once you’ve written your press release[17], use the platform’s advertising process to target your press release to publications you want to cover the story. For example, on Facebook, you can create an ad on Facebook.

To get started, follow the instructions in our ultimate guide to Facebook advertising[18]. Then, when choosing your targeting options, select the “detailed targeting” box, then “browse > demographics > work > employers.” Type in the publications you want your ad to reach. Then, continue creating and launching your ad. Your press release will be advertised in the news feeds of employees who work at that publication.

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