List of 54 Websites for Free Press Release Distribution Service

free press release distribution serviceTake advantage of the opportunity with this list of free press release websites and distribution services at least once a month on the internet.  Some might view a press release as “marketing” while others view it as “education” or “information”.  Regardless, if you do something worth shouting about in your business, then do so!  Press releases keep the world informed and possibly…improve the chances of getting found.

Is there a benefit to paying for a press release vs. using the free services?  Depends on your pocket book and the topic, your competition, the time of year, your reputation, and the list goes on.  Opinions are on both sides of the fence.  In the end, a press release is only one of dozens of activitities you will include on your marketing calendar.

Should you do a bulk press release to all with a paid distribution service?  Your strategy must represent your business and vision.  Question:  What is the point in doing so? If you had a specific press release for each venue with a specific landing page for each, wouldn’t you have better opportunity to test for results?

Before you begin to use the list of free press release websites, think twice before using a website labeled ‘free press release’. The message you send may be quite the opposite of what you intend. 

The list below has shrunk a bit over the years as many have gone out of business or been acquired by another. Here is a list of free press release websites in alphabetical order.

  1. Free     1888[1] 
  2. Starts Free     24-7 [2]
  3. Free     Betanews [3]
  4. $$$      Business Wire [4]
  5. Free [5]
  6.  $$       ClickPress[6]
  7.  $$ [7]
  8. Free     EboomWebSolutions[8]
  9. $$$[9]
  10.  $$       Express-Press-Release[10]
  11. Free    Free PR News[11]  (UK)
  12. Free    Free-Press-Release[12] 
  13.  $$ [13](HARO)
  14.  $$[14]
  15.  $        IssueWire[15]
  16.  $$      Loop PR[16]
  17. $$$     Marketwire[17]
  18. Free    Market Press Release[18]
  19. Free    Nanotechnology Now [19]
  20. Free    Newswire Today [20]
  21. $$       Online PR Media[21]
  22. Free    OnlyWire [22]
  23. Free    OpenPR [23]
  24.  $$      PR
  25. Free    PR9 [24]
  26. Free    PR-Inside[25]
  27.  $$      PRBuzz [26]
  28. Free [27]
  29. Free    PressExposure[28]
  30. Free    PRMac[29]
  31. Free    Press Releases Online[30] (UK)
  32.  $$      Press Release Spider[31]
  33.  $$      PR Leap [32]
  34. Free    PR Log[33]
  35. $$$     PR Newswire[34]
  36. Free    PR Urgent [35]
  37. Free    PR Zoom[36]
  38. Free    Radio – TV Interview Report[37] (RTIR)
  39. $         The Open Press[38]
  40. Free    ThomasNet News [39]
  41. Free    UGA Media [40](Europe)
  42. Free    UKPRWire [41]
  43.  $$     Webwire [42]

“Free” may change over time, but at the very least, this list gets you started.

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