Paid & Free Press Release Submission Sites (for 2021) | Publicize

The general consensus[3] within the SEO industry is that press release submission sites are no longer an effective means of earning beneficial backlinks[4]. Long story short, a few years ago Google got fed up[5] with people abusing these platforms to gain backlinks.

As a result most reputable press release submission websites now set all backlinks placed in press releases as nofollow[6] by default. This means no link equity[7] is passed onto the site that’s being linked to. While some paid and free press release distribution services still offer follow backlinks, the benefit is going to be negligible in 2021.

However, all this talk of using press release submission sites to earn backlinks slightly misses the point. If this is what you’re after, then these websites should just be seen as a means to an end. They provide a platform for journalists to look for stories. And if a journalist writes up one of these press releases as an article in a news publication site, the backlink in this article will pass link equity. So it’s through earned media wins that you can combine PR and SEO[8].

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