Paid & Free Press Release Submission Sites (for 2021) | Publicize

Many of them now offer loads of other services such as contact information databases, social media influencer access, media monitoring and PR analytics. 

For example, sites dedicated solely to video press release services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses big or small. Video press releases allow businesses to visualise their story,  tapping into the growing consumer desire for video-based content.

What is a press release submission?

Press release submission websites are platforms that allow you to publish press releases that you’ve written. These platforms then serve as useful sources of news for journalists and reporters who are looking for stories. [Dodgy metaphor alert] Think of them as wholesalers or stockists for the news industry.

Here’s a really good video from Newswire[11], who are one of the industry leaders, explaining how their service works.

What is the difference between a paid and a free press release submission site?

There are both fee-paying and free press release submission sites available.

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