Paid & Free Press Release Submission Sites (for 2021) | Publicize

The benefits of using a submission site, versus sending a press release directly to journalists, are the following:

  • It’s super quick; you don’t need to find journalist email addresses[13] nor write a personalized pitch to each of them
  • You can get instant access to the world’s largest media organizations
  • Some platforms allow you to target a specific niche or industry
  • Platforms often syndicate press releases, increasing your visibility

However, there are some downsides to these platforms, when compared to pitching press releases directly to journalists:

  • From our experience, we get better media coverage results when pitching a press release directly to a journalist
  • You don’t get direct access to journalists, so can’t build up relationships with the press
  • As discussed above, the SEO benefit, in terms of backlinks, is now negligible to none

How to do a press release submission

If you’re using one of these press release distribution services, then the actual submission is super easy. Most services allow you to simply copy-and-paste your content into an online text editor, then upload any multimedia that you want to include. You can then add hyperlinks and other functionality before you publish it.

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