Paid & Free Press Release Submission Sites (for 2021) | Publicize

And in terms of outreach, most of the premium services will let you choose which types of publications you want to target.

What are the best practices to submit news releases successfully?

Your submitted news release has the best chance of being successful if you take into account the recipient.

Think about the best time of day to send your news release to a specific journalist, relative to their timezone and schedule. Personalized emails, as well, go a whole lot further than copy-pasted emails, and journalists can see these coming a mile away. If your news release is submitted in a structured and engaging way, you’ll give yourself the best chance of being published.

What happens once I publish a press release onto a submission site?

Your press release will appear ‘as is’ (i.e. a carbon copy of what you wrote) on the platform that you submitted it to. It’s then distributed to relevant news and media organizations. This is when the magic happens.

If a journalist and/or publication is interested in the story, they’ll pick it up and run with it in one of two ways:

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