Using Press Release Services Offers Key Benefits To Businesses & Professionals

What Press Release Services Offer Your Digital Agency and Your Agency Clients

It’s important to understand that a press release[2] is simply a unique approach to content marketing and content distribution. These are some of the top reasons to use press release services and press release writing services:

1.   Announcing a new product or service.

Drafting a press release immediately gets your news or announcement published across major search engines and media networks. With the Quantum Newswire platform, you get guaranteed distribution and publication on live media sites like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.

2.   To improve your company’s brand image.

A business wire press release service makes it simple to publish and distribute a press release, so companies are not limited in the number that they send out. Publishing frequent press releases keeps you fresh in the mind of your customers and is a good way to improve your brand’s image as you control the narrative. It also feeds new content signals to Google’s algorithm, part of which has a “freshness” component to it which looks for new content from a brand/entity.

3.   To capture interest and spark action.

Not all but some press release services like Quantum Newswire allow for the inclusion of videos and images as well as other multimedia options. This allows you to come up with new, more creative ways of communicating your news and message and allows you to put digital brand assets like images or videos directly on the live media sites if you use a press release service like Quantum Newswire.

4.   For national distribution at the click of a button.

Before the advent of online press releases, printed press releases were only sent to a handful of journalists who would have the power over whether or not the information would be published. Online press release services give you the power to distribute your information to millions of people instantly. With Quantum Newswire, they have a minimum guarantee pickup and publication when agencies use their press release service which takes out the need to hope that a journalist likes or approves of the content or story.

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