Using Press Release Services Offers Key Benefits To Businesses & Professionals

This approach forms a strong foundation from which to craft targeted marketing campaigns and build brand awareness using content marketing (content writing and distribution), search engine optimization and public relations – all of which have their nexus in the Quantum Newswire platform for digital agencies and professionals.

Press releases form part of this strategy as they are:

  • A form of content marketing.
  • An important search engine optimization tool that helps investors and customers, as well as other target groups, learn about your company online.
  • Providing a permanent searchable result of your company that can supplement your communication strategy when using the proprietary Quantum Newswire WordPress plugin.
  • An authoritative tool for direct communication ensuring that you can shape the message that your target market receives.

So what makes a press release services a great press release service? After research, it’s a combination of price, distribution quality, features and, effectiveness.

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