Using Press Release Services Offers Key Benefits To Businesses & Professionals

5.   To educate and involve the public.

Online press releases can link out to other sources to give readers access to even more information such as social media channels, specific pages on the company website or other digital assets that also communicate more about the brand such as a Google MyBusiness listing or a Facebook page. These links or “votes” also play a huge role in search engine optimization or “SEO” as it is often referred to. Quantum Newswire has many advanced SEO features that other press release services like EIN Presswire, Press Release Jet, PR Underground, PR Web and more.

6.   For the potential of going viral

A well-written press release that has newsworthy, share-worthy content has the potential to go viral if it starts getting social media shares. Using a quality press release writing service is a critical component to producing and distributing content that has a high likelihood of being published and shared. Quantum Newswire provides 4- and 5-star quality press release writing services with an all-star writing team that handles the writing for agencies and their clients. Many agencies have challenges finding quality writing and press release writing services and this is an area where Quantum Newswire really stands out!

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